A panoramic X-ray image is an X-ray that depicts a view of your entire mouth, from one side to the other. This image can help the dentist understand the relationship between your teeth, jaws, and occlusion (bite, or how your top and bottom teeth fit together). We use the Panorex system in our office for our patients who need panoramic X-rays. This system is all-digital, which allows for less radiation exposure to the patient and improved images for the dentist. No detectors are placed inside your mouth, so the process of getting a Panorex is very comfortable for the patient, and the total radiation dose is quite low.

Not every patient who comes to our office needs a Panorex, but they’re useful in a variety of clinical situations, allowing us to accurately diagnose certain types of problems and to individually plan certain types of treatment. When you come for your appointment, Dr. Lewis will tell you if she would like to take a Panorex image.

When might a Panorex be needed?

A Panorex can be very useful to a dentist when planning extensive restorative or cosmetic cases. When undergoing orthodontic services, such as Invisalign, a Panorex is also helpful, to allow for planning of treatment that’s individualized based on bone structure. Additionally, a Panorex is often used when planning dental implants, because it allows visualization of the entire jaw bone to choose the thickest part of the bone to place the implant.

A Panorex can also be useful in determining the cause of bone-related pain in the mouth, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. The Panorex allows the dentist to visualize all of the bony tissues of the mouth and how they relate to each other, to figure out what’s causing the problem. Panorex images are also useful in the management of trauma to the face, in which the dentist needs to know exactly which structures are damaged to plan treatment; this may or may not include referral to an oral surgeon, depending on what’s found when the image is analyzed.

In addition to a Panorex, a dentist will often also use other images, including photos of the inside and outside of the mouth, along with regular digital X-rays of certain areas to allow for a close-up of a certain structure or a different angle of view in a certain part of the mouth.

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