October Special – FREE Teeth Whitening for New Patients!

In one of our older blogs, we talked about why Dr. Mary Lewis exclusively uses the #1 rated professional teeth whitening solution –Opalescence – for her patients. We shared why professional whitening solutions done at a dental office, under the supervision … Continued

Does it Matter that My Dentist Did (or Didn’t) Complete a Residency Program?

You have probably heard about residency programs for doctors following their completion of medical school. But are you familiar with residency programs for dentists? Probably not, and that may be because it is not a required step toward becoming a dentist in most … Continued

Find the Right Teeth Whitening Solution for You with Virginia Beach Cosmetic Dentistry!

Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the basics of your regular dental check-ups to offer dramatic improvements to the appearance of your teeth and smile. Also called esthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry can boost your confidence, self-esteem and make you want to show … Continued