Kim is a patient at VB Cosmetic Dentistry. She gives her review of Dr. Mary Lewis, Virginia Beach Dentist. She is full of praise for the personalised treatment she received at VB Cosmetic Dentistry. Her youngest daughter was quite scared of visiting a dentist but that has changed since she came to Dr. Mary Lewis. That itself is an illustration of Dr Lewis’s caliber as a dentist. They now consider Dr. Lewis and her staff more of friends rather than dentists.

Kim, Patient

My youngest daughter was very afraid of the dentist and she had, she had to have a more invasive procedure so she went to another dentist and when she was, she was very afraid to go but as soon as she was done she could not wait to come back and tell everybody here she that had overcome her fears. So and they, they just were so loving towards her.

Kim’s daughters

I enjoyed coming because like I’d always feel not scared because they’re like confident with me.
I was like how nice they were with us and they would always talk about what we wanted to talk about. And they are more of our friends rather than dentists and I really liked coming here.