Kim is a patient of Dr. Mary Lewis, Virginia Beach Dentist. Her family has been visiting and consulting Dr. Lewis for about ten years. She comments on the hospitable and friendly behavior of the staff at VB Cosmetic Dentistry. Kim reserves special mention for Dr. Lewis ability to provide each patient personalised care and treatment. She is very appreciative of the way Dr. Lewis makes it a point to call her in case there is an opening for an appointment. Another advantage of booking an appointment with Dr. Lewis is that one can always alter the time of appointment.

Kim, Patient

My family has been coming to Dr. Lewis since, I don’t know, probably a good ten years. And one of the main things I love about coming here is that everybody is so friendly. You walk in the door, the minute you walk in the door they remember everything about you. You carry on a conversation. It continues into the chair while she is working on your teeth. And its, who likes coming to the dentist, nobody likes coming, but I like coming because I feel like they’re my friend and they and its easy. And you are calm and you’re comfortable in the chair with her. And the other thing that’s really nice is, because my husband is in and out of the town all the time, she is always willing to let us call on a dime and says ya come on in, we have an opening now. It’s easy if we have to just change it, they don’t mind. We can change our appointment and it’s easy to get an appointment. So those things are huge for our family.