Dave Johnson visited Dr. Lewis, Virginia Beach Dentist for Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome treatment. His initial visit was for the purpose of getting his two dark teeth treated but Dr. Lewis quickly identified the he is also suffering from TMJ and provided the required treatment. He is extremely appreciative of the results of his treatment.

Dave Johnson, , Patient

My start point of my visit was to come in because I grew up with two dark teeth. I had done a face plant on the, the headboard of the bed when I was a kid and had two dark teeth in the front of my mouth. And I came in to see if Mary could fix something about that. What she fixed first was something that my wife complained about quite a while. I’ve had a lot of Temporomandibular TMJ joint noise so when I talked or ate you could hear my jaw clicking. And Mary fixed that. She also fixed all my top front teeth and I suspect before I’m dead I’d probably be in here to have her fix my lower teeth.