Many patients are skeptical of opting for Root Canal in Virginia Beach due to the misconception of it being one of the most painful dental procedures. Dr. Mary Lewis offers Root canal as a part of her dental services in Virginia Beach. She talks about root canal and how it is one of the most misunderstood procedures. She explains that contrary to the general belief, root canal is similar to a restoration procedure. Once the patient is numb, he or she experiences no pain. The infected pulp is removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Dr. Mary Lewis, D.D.S

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of any patient I know more than the word root canal, the R word. And really once you’re numb, I’ve heard people tell me that they’d rather have a baby than do a root canal and that’s simply because they have had one done. And once the patient’s numb, it’s basically like doing a restoration, you know you’re working on the tooth, they don’t feel anything. You’re simply removing the nerve and the infected tissue from inside the tooth all the way down to the tip of the root using files and instruments. We use a sonic instrument that not only flushes the tooth but removes the debris and, and shakes out with ultrasonic, ultrasound technology and basically that tooth is still there but has no feeling.