Dr. Mary Lewis shares the chain of steps that is followed for treatment at VB Cosmetic Dentistry. The first step is taking a series of photographs of patients which is followed by study of the stone cast models of patients’ teeth. All these efforts enable Dr. Lewis to devise a blueprint of the course of patient’s treatment. This eventually boosts the chances of a successful treatment and results. Full mouth restoration dental services at Virginia Beach are very common. Dr. Lewis also asserts the importance of patient’s beginning foundation as it is a detrimental factor in terms of treatment. Also, according to Dr. Lewis, it is important to focus on one patient at a time to achieve best results.

Dr. Mary Lewis, D.D.S

Whenever we embark on our cosmetic case, the very very first thing we need is to do a work up appointment which we call a record’s appointment. During this appointment we take a series of photographs of the patient. We take study models which are basically we make stone casts of their teeth. We take impressions and we take white records. We then have the laboratory fabricate a wax up so that we can have this blueprint of where the patient is going to end up. What they are going to look like when the case is completed. It gives the case much more predictability so that we can obtain the longevity that we’re looking for. We don’t just want restore them to and make them beautiful and then have the porcelain veneers cracking and chipping because the bite’s not correct. So we have to record all this and work it carefully and come up with our blueprint so that when we proceed everything is predictable and easily carried out and we know what the outcome is going to be. A full mouth restoration is largely dependent on the patient’s beginning foundation. You know, If the teeth are badly broken they’re going to need the restorative, if there’s decay, whatever. We need to get them to health, especially the tissues before we begin a cosmetic case. But once we achieve oral health then we can start our record’s appointment and getting the case worked up, so that the procedure then if it’s a full mouth restoration can take several hours. We don’t schedule other patients during this time. It’s just all about the patient getting the full mouth restoration.