Dr. Mary Lewis of VB Cosmetic Dentistry is a professional Virginia Beach Dentist. She states the importance of building a relationship of trust and friendship with her patients so that they can get comfortable. The treatment begins with a series of X-rays which is followed by an in-depth examination of the patient’s mouth. The next step is oral cancer screening. The medical history of the patient is also very important to determine the appropriate treatment.

Dr. Mary Lewis, D.D.S

What I love about the practice is that we establish a relationship with the patients on a personal level, we have fun with them. When we first see a patient we will first and foremost focus on getting them comfortable with us. And breaking the ice and, and not throwing too much at them at one time. We will get a full series of X-rays for proper diagnosis. We will thoroughly examine their mouth and get a medical history to make sure that there are no systemic issues going on that will affect the oral cavity. We do an oral cancer screening on the head and neck examination and examine each tooth individually as well and question them on their Temporomandibular joint, headaches things like that are found in the health history. For anything that we see they’ve marked in the health history that would be concerning, we would further investigate.