Dr. Mary Lewis speaks on one of the most common dental services Virginia Beach, teeth crowning. She asserts the importance of protecting and strengthening a damaged tooth by crowning it. Many people are under the impression that a tooth crown is an odd looking gold capping which is not the case. These days there are numerous aesthetically appealing crowning options available. Dr. Lewis also mentions Zirconia products which are stronger and beautiful than other tooth crown materials.

Dr. Mary Lewis, D.D.S

Occasionally a tooth will become so broken down that a crown becomes necessary to protect the tooth and to give it strength. And when you say crown many times people think ugly gold, you know, bling, whatever and really today there are so many more options available that not are only are aesthetic but are very very strong. There’re Zirconia products available, pressed ceramics that are just beautiful. With the new Zirconia products not only are they beautiful, very natural looking but they are exponentially stronger than materials of the past.