Mouth Myths: 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

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dentistDental anxiety is prevalent among both children and adults, but that fear doesn’t have a basis in reality. Most of the time, common misconceptions are at the root of your tooth-related nervousness. By setting the records straight on these three common cosmetic dentistry misconceptions, we hope you’ll feel a little more at ease when you visit your dentist this year.

MYTH: Everyone will know if I have a major cosmetic dental procedure

Truth: Some people believe that dental procedures (like implants or veneers, for example) look incredibly obvious and can be spotted right away. But the truth is that, more than likely, no one but you will know the secret behind your new smile. These kinds of procedures look and feel totally natural, so they won’t be spotted by anyone. Even if those closest to you notice that something is different about you, they’ll probably just comment on how great you look. Ultimately, anything that makes you feel better about yourself isn’t anyone else’s business. But with these procedures, no one will be talking about your appearance in a negative way.

MYTH: These procedures aren’t affordable

Truth: Years ago, these procedures were a lot less budget-friendly. But due to all the recent advancements, there are many affordable options for patients. In addition, your dentist may be willing to work with you to develop a payment plan or some other kind of financing so you can have the work done that you need. Your procedure may even be at least partially covered by insurance. It’s also important to think of your dental work as an investment. By getting certain procedures done now, you’ll actually be able to reduce your risk of needing more extensive (and expensive) work down the line. Think about the fact that Americans spend $1.4 billion every year on teeth whitening products. While it may seem cheaper to buy DIY kits, you won’t get the same level of results at home as your will at your dental office, which means you’ll spend more money on a less desirable outcome. Don’t be afraid to talk to your dental care expert to see what kinds of options will work best for your situation.

MYTH: Cosmetic dental procedures are only about appearance.

Truth: While the name might indicate that these procedures are solely superficial, there are often additional considerations when these procedures come into play. Yes, you may get a bright smile out of them, but a lot of these procedures are able to restore function and improve your overall quality of life. It’s really not all about aesthetics; in many cases, these procedures will protect your teeth and keep you from developing other harmful dental conditions in the future. Really, they’re just as much about your health as they are about your appearance.

While these debunked myths may not ease your anxieties about having a specific dental procedure performed, we hope that they’ll encourage you to talk to your dentist about any issues or insecurities you may have about your oral health. For more information regarding specific procedures or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.