Kids Home on College Breaks? Schedule their Dental Appointment!

Many families experience the “empty nest” syndrome when their college-aged children go off to school, only seeing them around the holidays, winter breaks and summer vacation. While this time is always great to be able to reconnect and spend quality time with your family, it’s also the perfect opportunity to schedule those appointments while they’re home!

Most dental issues develop over time, and the earlier you can catch any problems with teeth or gums, the better. Your adult children may be becoming more and more independent with every semester away at school, but we bet they’ll appreciate the nudge to take care of their dental health and be sure they go back to college without any cavities!

Don’t let another winter break go by with your son or daughter returning to college without their dental exam. Call now to set up an appointment before break is over! Our office is conveniently located in central Virginia Beach off Great Neck Road by the Virginia Beach Blvd intersection. We are open Monday through Thursday, 8am to 5pm, as well as the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:00am-1:00pm!

The holiday breaks are also a great opportunity for your younger children to come in for their dental cleanings. Dr. Mary Lewis’ office is open when Virginia Beach schools are closed! We understand with a busy schedule or not wanting to pull your child out of class it can be hard to plan their dental visits. Our office is open on the following days Virginia Beach public schools will be closed:
– January 2nd
– January 16th
– February 20th
– April 10th-13th
Call our office at 757-631-9200 schedule while appointments last!