Get a Handle on Halitosis—Defeating Bad Breath in Virginia Beach

Get a Handle on Halitosis—Defeating Bad Breath in Virginia Beach

“Not. Too. Close.”

Is that what others’ body language says when you are in close conversation?

Whatever its cause–whether you are trying to close deal, make a date, or just share the day’s gossip–bad breath puts the brakes on social interaction.

Sometimes the cause is simple. Often the food we consume makes us breathe fire. Too much coffee before a big meeting, a heady garlic dinner, or fresh sliced onions on your salad lead to odorous oratory later in the day. However this kind of bad breath is easily beaten with a mint, a stick of gum, or a quick trip to the ladies to brush after a meal.

Bad breath that cannot be explained by lunch requires further attention. Often persistent bad breath is the sign of more insidious health problems. If you regularly find yourself hiding your mouth to block offensive odors, make an appointment at our Virginia Beach office to discover if there are more deeply rooted causes for your bad breath.

Bad Oral Hygiene in Virginia Beach

One of the easiest ways to develop chronically bad breath is to neglect daily brushing and flossing. Neglecting good oral hygiene allows bacteria to proliferate. This bacteria can expel odor on its on or can create conditions in your mouth that cause bad breath. Take time each day to fully brush your teeth, gums, and tongue. Floss regularly to make sure you are remove food particles trapped between your teeth; these particles my cause odor as they start to decay.

If you are plagued by bad breath, consider investing in a tongue scraper. This device helps remove bacteria from the tongue more effectively than a regular toothbrush An antibacterial mouthwash can also help improve the climate of your mouth.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

If your bad breath doesn’t disappear within a few days of diligent brushing, its possible you have an infected tooth or gum disease. Make an appointment with Dr. Lewis to determine if an decay in your mouth might be causing your foul breath. The odor of a decaying tooth or infected gums is a warning sign that needs to be heeded. Further neglected decay in your mouth can lead to rapid deterioration and even tooth loss.

Appliances and Implants

It is possible that a piece of food has gotten trapped in your implant or dental appliance. As the food decays it may produce the odor that causes your bad breath. A quick visit to our Virginia Beach office can help remove any trapped food that can’t be reached with normal flossing and at home cleaning.

Other Causes

Be mindful that the cause of  your bad breath may not be in your mouth at all. If you have recently changed your diet you might be experiencing bad breath as a result. For instance low carb dieters often experience ketosis as their body breaks down fat from the body.  A change in medication can also lead to stinky breath. Conditions like sinusitis may also lead to bad breath. Consult with your doctor to determine if your bad breath is caused by any of these concerns.

Chronically bad breath is not only embarrassing, it may also signal more dangerous underlying causes. If you experience chronic bad breath, make an appointment with Dr. Lewis at our Virginia Beach office to set-up an professional hygiene appointment. She can determine the underlying cause and make recommendations for improvement. Contact us at: (757) 631-9200