Oral surgery is any surgical procedure done within the mouth. This encompasses a wide variety of procedures, from tooth extractions to jaw realignment surgery. Some of these procedures are complex and need to be performed by specialists, while others are part of the standard training of general dentists. In some cases, a general dentist may take additional training courses after dental school to become qualified in certain procedures. Dr. Mary Lewis can perform certain types of oral surgery in Virginia Beach.

Procedures Performed by Your General Dentist

General dentists are trained to perform some minor oral surgeries, as a standard part of their training during their four years of dental school. Additionally, Dr. Lewis has taken additional postgraduate courses, qualifying her to perform various procedures.

This is a big advantage to you, because it allows you to receive the majority of your dental care in our office, where you feel comfortable, cared for, and familiar. Additionally, you’ll be receiving your care from your own dentist, who’s familiar with you and your dental history. We offer some minor oral surgeries and endodontics, including:

Dr. Lewis will let you know whether she’s comfortable performing your procedure. In some cases, there could be complications that make it preferable for a specialized oral surgeon to perform your procedure instead. Dr. Lewis will discuss this with you at your appointment, including her recommendations and the reasons behind them.

Surgical Referrals

In some cases, we refer patients to a specialist for oral surgery. This is necessary for the above procedures if the case is complicated in some way; it’s also necessary for more complex procedures, such as jaw realignment surgery. If we believe that you would be better served by a specialist, we’ll refer you to a trusted colleague.

Dentist in Virginia Beach

Should you have questions or concerns about any dental procedure that we recommend, please ask. Our team is always available to share information and educational materials. The more you understand about your dental treatment plan, the wiser your decisions about your care will be. We want our patients to be as informed as possible.

If you believe that oral surgery in Virginia Beach might be of benefit to you, then you’ll need to visit a general dentist. After a thorough history and examination, your dentist can discuss your options with you, and can refer you to an oral surgeon. Often, your insurance won’t cover your visit to the oral surgeon unless you’ve been referred by a general dentist.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Virginia Beach who can perform minor surgical procedures, then Dr. Mary Lewis is an excellent choice. She’s chosen to receive extra training in certain procedures, such as the placement of dental implants. This places her among the top dentists in Virginia Beach, and allows her to perform procedures that not all dentists feel comfortable with. To book a complementary consultation with Dr. Lewis, please call our office.

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