Virginia Beach Dentist
Tooth pain is an indication of problem. If your teeth hurt when drinking cold water, eating or even without being used, call Virginia Beach Family and Cosmetic Dentistry right away

Our doctors and professional staff deliver comprehensive dentistry for both adults and children in a caring, compassionate environment using the latest in technology and techniques. Our team is constantly at work to expand our knowledge so we can assure that you receive the best treatment every time. Some of the general dentistry options we offer at our Virginia Beach office include:

Root Canals

A root canal can save a tooth that is badly decayed. Our minimally invasive procedure will allow you to keep your teeth for a lifetime. A root canal removes infected tissue from within the tooth and replaces it with an inert filling material. The hole used to access the inside of the tooth can sometimes be covered with a filling, but if the tooth structure was badly damaged by the decay, then a crown or other restorative procedure may be needed to prevent the tooth from breaking and allow it to function. Though it might sound intimidating, we keep our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible while having a root canal.


At our office, we believe in helping patients to keep their natural teeth whenever possible. However, sometimes an extraction can’t be avoided. For example, around 90% of people have problems with their third molars (the wisdom teeth) that require them to be extracted. Other reasons for extraction include crowding that can’t be relieved any other way, and severe decay due to infection of the tooth. We use the latest technology and pain management methods to make sure any tooth extraction procedures are as painless as possible.

Oral Surgery

General dentists are trained to perform some minor oral surgeries, as a standard part of their training during their four years of dental school. Additionally, Dr. Lewis has taken additional postgraduate courses, qualifying her to perform various procedures. This is a big advantage to our patients, because it allows them to receive the majority of their dental care in our office, where you feel comfortable in a setting you are more familiar with, taken care of by our wonderful staff! In some cases, we refer patients to a specialist for oral surgery. Read more about the outpatient services and surgeries here.