Dr. Mary Lewis Provides Tips for Good Oral Health Habits in Virginia Beach

Good Habits Start Young: Teaching Your Toddler Good Oral Health Habits in Virginia Beach

h_w_toddler-teeth_webThe toddler years are a whirlwind of new discoveries. Every day seems to be a new adventure, whether it’s learning to get dressed or collecting all the best shells at the Sandbridge beach. Good habits start early, the toddler years are the ideal time to instill good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

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Model Good Habits

Toddlers love to get into our wardrobes to play dress-up and mimic our behavior everywhere we go. It’s no secret that little kiddos want to grow up to be just like us. Take advantage of the hero worship and model excellent daily oral hygiene habits from an early age. Invite your children to join you as you brush, floss, and rinse. Answer their questions about the process and reinforce that oral hygiene is the best way to keep a beautiful smile.

Get a Cool Toothbrush

The purchase of the first toothbrush should be a special one. Allow your child to spend time selecting exactly the right brush to suit their personality. There are a wide variety of brushes on the market for young children. Most feature familiar characters, bright colors, and are generally a lot of fun!

Be sure the brush is sized appropriately for a smaller mouth and features an easy grip and soft bristles. While purchasing the special new toothbrush, consider investing in a kid friendly toothpaste as well. There are several approved by the American Dental Association that use fun flavors like bubblegum to capture the interest of young children.

Lend a Helping Hand

Toddlers are visionaries, little comics, and great at playing games. They are not as proficient when it comes to detail-oriented tasks. Your little one will probably require a helping hand the first few years to help ensure that daily brushing offers a thorough cleaning. You may allow your child to begin the brushing process on their own, and then bat clean up. You can also split brushing duties, allowing your toddler to take the am shift while you handle the evening duties.

Keep it a Family Event

Make morning and evening toothbrushing something you always do together. Make the time fun by humming songs to make sure you brush long enough, doing fun dances in the mirror, and sticking out your tongues at each other to see how well you each did brushing. Keeping it family time help makes oral hygiene a fun daily habit that your child looks forward to!

Teach Safety

When it comes to childhood oral hygiene, less is more. The smallest amount of toothpaste (pea sized or smaller) is appropriate for young children. Encourage soft brushing in circular motions to keep the gums healthy. Keep the toothpaste out of reach during unsupervised times, as swallowing too much can be harmful to young stomachs.

Keep regular check-ups!

Taking time each day to encourage healthy oral hygiene habit can help your child’s smile stay beautiful and mouth stay healthy for a lifetime. Make tooth brushing time a special time so that your child carries conscientious behavior into adolescence and beyond. We will take time at every appointment at our Virginia Beach offices to help reinforce good oral health care practices and praise your child for their good work!