Dental Crowns with Virginia Beach Dentist Dr. Mary Lewis

Are Dental Crowns Right for Me?

Restoring Worn & Damaged Teeth in Virginia Beach

Typically new cavities and decay can be repaired with tooth colored bonding or fillings. However, once teeth become too decayed or word a dental crown–also known as a cap–becomes necessary to replaces the structure of the damaged tooth. A dental crown both improves the appearance of the tooth while also restoring its form and function. A crown helps patients chew and speak normally.

When do I need a dental crown?

We install dental drowns at Virginia Beach Cosmetic dentistry to support weak or broken teeth when a simple bond or filling with not provide enough structure to support the tooth. While commonly crowns are applied directly to damaged or decayed teeth, crowns are also used to cover titanium dental implants, to anchor bridge work, to support teeth with several previous fillings, or even to correct a misaligned bite.  Dr. Lewis will evaluate your teeth and make appropriate recommendation to protect and restore your tooth.

We also are able to install caps for cosmetic purposes when a less time intensive solution like veneers is not a viable option. The use of dental crowns can greatly improved the consistency of shape, size, color and alignment. Patients with genetically undersized teeth with extreme gapping often benefit from the use of dental crowns to give the appearance and function of normal sized teeth.

A patient’s root must be healthy enough to support the dental crown. When the root or nerve is damaged, a root canal may be needed prior to application of the crown. If complete removal is necessary, a titanium dental implant may be installed and fitted with a crown to replace the missing tooth.

What kinds of crowns are there?

Crowns made out of gold and silver alloys are available, however most modern patients choose the aesthetic appeal and durability of ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns are designed with 3-D imaging to match the color and shape of existing teeth. This remarkable technology makes the new crown imperceptible amongst your other teeth.

What is life like with a dental crown?

Dental crowns behave like your natural tooth. To maintain the crown, patients must take care to brush and floss regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and the resultant decay. It is also advised that patients refrain from eating extremely sticky foods like caramel and chewing hard items like ice to preserve the integrity and installation of the crown.

When properly cared for, a dental crown should last between 10-15 years. If patients should notice looseness or sensitivity, a follow-up appointment should be made to address the issue Likewise any changes the new crown has on your bite should be addressed at a follow-up appointment.

Dental crowns help to maintain proper form and function of the teeth. Do not delay in making an appointment at our Virginia Beach office if you feel you may need a dental crown to repair a damaged tooth. Early intervention with a crown helps to prevent further damage and the need for more drastic repairs like tooth removal. Our office may be reached at (757) 631-9200.