little girl brushing teethOur office regularly cares for the dental needs of children as young as three years old.  You may also want to bring your child to your dental checkup when he or she is about two so that your child can become familiar with the sights, sounds, and friendly helpers in our dental office. We call this a Happy Visit.

Your child’s first dentist checkup at age three will involve a tooth-by-tooth inspection and periodontal exam. Dr. Mary Lewis will check for proper development, as well as tooth decay and other areas of concern.
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Fluoride Treatments

At Virginia Beach Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer fluoride treatments as a quick and easy way to help decrease the risk of developing cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride rinses can provide significant protection against bacteria along your teeth and gums. Fluoride treatments are just as important today as the regular rinses you may remember from elementary school!
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Many people have deep pits and grooves in their teeth where bacteria and food particles can hide and cause decay. Children with poor brushing habits may also develop decay on hard-to-reach molars. When this happens, dental sealants protect molar and premolar chewing surfaces from decay. Recognized by the American Dental Association as a key means of cavity prevention, dental sealants are simply a thin plastic film that can be applied to teeth.
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