Children’s Dentist Virginia Beach- Dr. Mary Lewis

What To Expect At Your Child’s Dental Checkup in Virginia Beach

As parents, we want what is best for our children. A good education, full bellies, and their health will top the list for most parents. However, most parents don’t realize that your child’s dental health can dramatically impact all of these factors. Your child’s mouth full of teeth aren’t there just beautiful photographs. Their teeth aid in linguistics, allowing them to articulate their needs at home and in a classroom. Those tiny incisors and molars chew their food so the body can absorb nutrients. In fact, the health of their teeth can impact their overall health.

It is obvious to see that your child needs to maintain strong oral health as a large part of their overall wellbeing. Our trained staff can guide you towards healthy habits.

When should I bring my child in for an exam?

Dr. Mary Lewis regularly cares for patients of all ages. We recommend your child’s first exam to be conducted when they are three years old. However, we do recommend you bring your child in at around two years old to complete a Happy Visit. This will allow them to acclimate to the sights and sounds of a dental office. After their initial visit, a regular dental checkup in Virginia Beach every six months. This will ensure their teeth are growing correctly with no problems.

What will my child’s checkup exam be like?

Dr. Lewis will complete a tooth-by-tooth inspection of the mouth as well as a periodontal exam. During the exam, she will make sure the teeth are growing in properly and check for any cavities. The gums will be checked to ensure they are healthy.

If necessary, Dr. Lewis will recommend supplemental treatments to protect your child’s teeth. Sealants may be recommended to protect your child’s molars from sugary substances and provide them with a strong coating so that they don’t get cavities. Fluoride treatments are often suggested for children, particularly if they consume mostly bottled water. Tap water typically has fluoride added so that the mineral can strengthen tooth enamel and ward off cavities.

What can I do to encourage my child to have healthy teeth?

Developing strong dental habits and routine is vital for your child to carry healthy habits into adulthood. Encourage your child to brush their teeth twice a day. Once their permanent teeth break through and teeth are touching, teach your child to floss. Younger children, in particular, learn through mimicking, so don’t hesitate to join them during the process. Strong dental habits develop through routine practice so make sure it becomes part of your standard schedule.

The foods we consume also greatly impact our dental health. Sugary and sticky foods are especially harmful because they leave buildup on the surface of the teeth. Highly acidic foods and beverages can wear away at enamel, making teeth more vulnerable. Be mindful of the foods your child eats and remind them to brush their teeth after meals to remove any potentially harmful substances.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s oral health or would like to schedule an exam, contact VB Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today. We are here to help you develop healthy oral habits for your children.