4 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You With a Smile Makeover

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dentist in virginia beachCosmetic dentistry can help fix a number of common dental issues. If you’re looking for someone to help you with a smile makeover, contact a local dentist in Virginia Beach to see what types of services they offer. Talking with a dentist can help clarify what procedure may work best for you. If you’re wondering about some of the ways cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile, read on.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration is a common issue for many people. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening can help reduce stains left by certain foods like coffee and red wine, leaving behind a newly bright smile. In fact, after having their teeth whitened by a dentist, 82.5% of people saw a distinct improvement. Using a whitening toothpaste or other products may help, but your best option would be to see a dentist.

Invisalign or Braces

Another common problem for many people is teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or spaced too close together or too far apart. While people may want straighter teeth, not everyone wants to wear metal braces. Luckily, Invisalign is another option. Invisalign and braces both work well, but which one is best for you may depend on your dental situation.

Porcelain Veneers

Teeth that are cracked, worn, chipped, or misshapen can easily be fixed by porcelain veneers. Veneers can be applied to teeth to provide a natural shape and cover any previous damage. In this procedure, the porcelain veneer is put over the prepared existing tooth, instantly giving the patient confidence in their new smile.

Bridges and Implants

If your teeth have gaps due to misalignment or missing teeth, dental implants or bridges can easily fix this problem. A bridge may be used between two teeth to fill in a larger gap. Dental implants can be put in, either to fill in the spot of an already missing tooth or after a tooth is pulled. Teeth may be removed for a variety of reasons, or sometimes adult teeth don’t grow in. In these cases, implants and bridges can be used to fill in the gaps.

Cosmetic dental procedures can not only fix any damages or issues with your teeth but will give you newly found confidence in your smile. By contacting a local dentist in Virginia Beach, you’ll be taking the first step to getting your new and improved smile.